Thursday, August 12, 2004

1 .. 2.. Punch

Well, Florida is getting a 1.. 2.. punch. Tropical Storm Bonnie & Hurricaine Charley. Bonnie has come ashore in the panhandle & has been causing tornados in Jacksonville. Tomorrow, August 13th we will get the second punch, Charley.. The whole east coast is under Hurricaine & Tornado warnings. A few of the supervisors are going in early to see if the patients are coing in for their appointments. So they may closed the office.. Are they trying to drain me of PTO hours... I only have 6 hours left.... Why it is not going to start really affeting this area until later tomorrow afternoon. Let us keep our PTO. We have to use our PTO because of the storm. I would enjoy the day off but I need the money & PTO. Oh well, It may be long journal entry since I will home all weekend & the house will probably be pretty clean. Hey I might even get something done on Dr. Inserillo's retirement book.....

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