Saturday, October 09, 2004

Guess what Cory did..

You will not believe what Cory did yesterday... He cut his thumb off just above the knuckle using the table saw. He ended up going to the hospital by ambulance. His neighbor thought quickly & put the stub in a bag of ice & send it with Cory. He got to the hospital & they did not seem to want to do anything with his finger. They were going to send him home with pain medications & an oozing stub. When Vanessa (a friend & Rockledge police officer) started taking pictures of the finger, the staff decided to do something with it. So off to surgery  about 10:00pm, Cory goes where they try & make a working finger out of his new shorted thumb. He called us about midnight to tells us he was out of surgery & awake. They kept him over night because of the pain management issue. He went home late afternoon. Here is the funny thing, his father has a toe missing a nail because it was cut off by a lawnmower. I guess it is something in their gene power to lose at least one nail by a sharp metal blade. Poor Tracy, has a cold on top of this adventure. It so unfortunate that Cory did not sign up for the AFLAC accident policy because they would have helped out with his bills & missed work. Why do men not listen.

Desperate Housewives: This show is a trip. These wives are the closest to real life in a close neighborhood. The Divorcee, The single guy, neighbirhood slut, the prefectionist, the cheating wife & Stressed SAHM who misses the corperate world. The 3 little brats are in desperate need of a "Coming to god" meeting.

The weight loss journey: Well I am trying to get back on track. These storms has messed with my progress. Liposuction would greatly help get rid og this belly that will not leave. I would also love to have skinny ankles & legs to look cute in shorts. I am beginning to think I will always be a big fat slob. I know the reason I have been eating more is truely because of depresson over recent events & work. Always lonely. Very Frustrating & Depressing.

School: Very way behind. I am beginning to wonder if I can pass. I just can not seem to get into reading the book. Everytime I start reading I get drowsy & can not focus on it.

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