Saturday, December 11, 2004

The thought of christmas

Well it is only 13 days until we open presents. Mom's jewelry box mirror still have not arrived. I went Wednesday to JCPenny's to purchase her 2 pair of flannel pajamas. Got them home & noticed she was wearing the miss-matched set that makes my skin crawl, so she ended up with one pair early. I want to purchase her the OC season 1 DVD set & the coffee maker she wants. If I run out of money or don't get the yearly walmart GC I will just get the coffee maker. We purchased Daniel a Leapfrog activity thing with 2 books to help him with this reading & talking. We are still undecided on what to get Cory & Tracy. I have not fiquired what I am going to get my father & carolyn. I bought him a cookbook for diabetics. I am going to look for his kabuta hat & them maybe a Gift card for somewhere.

The outside of the house is mostly decorated. Gary (Our not so handy handyman) did not correctly hook up the outlet in the lightpole so that those lights do not light up yet. The tree is up & lite, we still have not put the decorations on it.

Friday was I.V. Grace's 5th birthday. I was fixing her Birthday cupcake & she stole the wrapper & ate it. Boy has she been whinny & snippy over the last 2 days. I guess she is PMSing.

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