Tuesday, March 16, 2004

A New start to a new me

Well, it has been a few months since I last wrote. Things have been extremely busy. Christmas, vacation to Dad's in North Carolina, my shoulder, work & now a new weight loss program.

**** Christmas was nice. New years the same as always, spent alone with the puppies.

**** North Carolina trip. It was nice see my dad & all the family, but is was also upseting. My grandparents are being robbed by 2 of their own children. My uncle Edwin & his son are live with them rent free and not helping clean up. Their house was almost unlivable. Then my aunt Evelyn is pretty much living off grandma & grandpa's life savings. She does not have a job, will not get a job & is totally content on sitting her big butt on the couch allowing her butt just get bigger. And the worst is she is send her middle child Maria down her same path. Evelyn just like her brother does not help grandma & grandpa with household chores. My grandparents are not is good health to do it all for them. My grandmother spends her days still working 5-6 days a week at the library working & the rest of the time in bed because her legs bother her so much. I feel like calling the house dept to turn them in so they will get help. On top of that my stepmother is continually pressuring me for grandchildren. I am not ready for children because I have not found Mr. Right yet.

**** Work is the same old pain in the neck. Not enough people, too many things to do.

**** My shoulder. I am still having a lot of shoulder pain. Therapy was stopped because they only allow 10 sessions at a time. They tired a cortisone injection which sent me to the ER with chest pain for 4 days. Which is leading to me changing primary care physicians because she says it was a panic attack. She also said my last asthma attack was a panic attack.

**** New weight loss program. Well I started a program called Inches-a-Weigh on Febuary 14th and after completing 3 weeks I have lost of 4 pounds. I go on monday March 22nd to be weighed & measured. The ladies are nice, really supportive and we have fun. I will keep you posted on my progress.. 43.5 pounds to go... :-)

Cody & I.V. Grace are in obedience classes. Cody is doing great. I.V. Grace misses Cody too much & wants to come home to him. She is learning but still misses him.

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