Monday, December 01, 2003

Day 72

The hole dug my management is getting deeper and deeper. They supervisors don't seem to realize that they are causing a lot of turmoil with the staff members. They are constantly pawning off stuff on others when it should be handled by them. If it is a lab error then the lab supervisor should handle it to the end. If there is an irate patient the office manager should handle it. She should not just disappear. The lab supervisor should run the lab manifests herself to sure there is not a problem, NOT dish it out to someone else then run out the door. If a member of management wants respect then they need to show respect to the employees. Do not treat them like 2 yr olds and expect them not to throw tempertantrumes. Show them what they are doing wrong before rubbing their nose in their mistake. Show & teach them don't humiliate them.

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