Monday, December 01, 2003

Day 71 (late because of computer problems)

Well, tomorrow is Monday and I'm not looking forward to going in because work is getting stressful. Lay offs have started at work. They have layed of a Nurse and MA and they have eliminated a position and moved her into a MA position. Which is no the greatest because this means another person who has NO Medical background in the back. I can understand why they are getting rid of Connie. She was making way to many mistakes. She is a very hard worker but she does not learn from her mistakes. She wants to go to nursing school but I feel that she has too much of tunnel vision to make a productive nurse. She is probably end up as a nurse who will work in a nursing home. Com on the other hand, she is hard working. I think she fell victim because she has missed so many days because of her children. Cam has been walked all over by her dramatic girls. Cam needs to put her foot down and tell her 2 girls that are out of her house they need to start taking care of themselves. This jobs is getting worrisome. We have staff members who are working with patients who have no formal medical training, even first aid or CPR. It just amazes me that the office can get away with it. Our supervisor is a waste of a paycheck. You can never find her, she never handles problems, if you bring up any type of situations you will be ignored until she finds someone else to be made at, and never adresses problems that are serious. She has tunnel vision that is totally distorted. If only I could find a job that pays as much as I am making now I would leave. Come on Lotto...

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