Monday, October 16, 2006

Working to much

Do you ever feel like you are working too much. Well I guess when you 4-5 hrs overtime in one week you do work to much. that is what I did last week. Good that just means more money to spend at the scrapbook expo in Novemeber. I worked until 6 pm tuesday, wednesday and thrusday then worked until 2 pm on friday. Then tonight I was there until 6 pm because everyone left and the 3 people left did not have a key to the office. So I had to run over to the hospital and get Dr. Z's keys and run back over and lock the building then take the keys back over. How silly is that. So by my calculations that means 5 hours OT and it is only the 6 day of the pay week. The we had a meeting at lunch (no clocking out there) and they are making us attend some thing on friday after work. Yippee.. Oh joy.. Fun Fun.. Now how am I suppose to stay awake through this thing. I guess I will bring a book and sit way behind Cherie. If she does not go I am not staying. She can for get that crap.

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