Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Trouble on the high seas

A princess cruise ship my have had rutter issuse off the coast sending approx 40 people to the hospital. Two of the passangers were injured serious enough to be flown to Holmes Regional Medical Center and Arnold Palmer Childrens Hospital in Orlando. Rescue Crews from Brevard County Fire Resue, Coastal Health System, NASA and Volusia County's EVAC. I must say at least this happened after they enjoyed most of their vacation. The cruise line is making arrangements for the passangers make it home safely tomorrow. Boy I am glad I am not flying out of any of the local airports tomorrow. Cory was upset because he was on crew with coastal and was stuck in south brevard Slinging Lizard. Oh well. I think of it this way.. Less paper work..

Work Vent. One of my co-workers is always behind in the work load. Well she did not look in the chart and she sent out something to the wrong lab. It was clearly documented on the note that I put in that the patient wanted Quest. The person who what the physicians MA finished up the case and did not read the chart. And whos fault is that. I a tired of hearing I am so over worked.. You are not over worker you just have poor time management. Instead of coming in and talking to the billing department start your work. Instead of yelling at your family, take your messages off instead of waiting until 5pm even when you have sat at your desk all day. Manage your time wiser and you could complete so much more.

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