Saturday, July 15, 2006

The tickets are here

Yes. they are in my hand. I have my itineraries for my trip. Now I really have to start packing. How & what do I pack It is 6 working days and 12 total days until I leave. I guess this weekend I really need to get stuff in the bag. I can not wait. There are 5 couples, 13 kids and the rest are use single people. It looks like a good bunch. So I leave Orlando on July 24th at 2:30pm and land in Atlanta at 4:03pm. We take off Atlanta at 7:30pm and land in london at 9am on July 25th. Then I head back on August 1st at 11:55am and I will be back in Florida some time around 8:33pm. Yes it is truely here.. I can not wait.. tick tick tick.. time is ticking away....

Vent about Florida today

Yep you got it.. Florida Today is a screwed up website. In mid June they partnered up with the Brevard Zoo to run a contest for amatur photographers. You were to submit a picture of a butterfly. I have some great photos of butterflys and catipillers. I seached high and low. I searched the florida today, brevard zoo, wa1a and google with no avail. I could not find any information about this contest anywhere. I wrote one person at the brevard zoo who did rwrite me back but blew off any other emails I wrote. So I sent in four different pictures and never heard anything else. Today the website was published in the paper, so I go to look for my picture.. It is no where to be found. I can not find any of them posted. And the kicker is the rules are finally posted after the contest has stopped excepting entries. I called thephone number on the webpage and she can not hlep me. She give me the number to the lady over the features section. So I wrote the place where I sent the e-mail to enter, the editor and publisher. I have never seen a contest so hard to enter in my life. very frustrating.

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