Saturday, August 05, 2006

Best Buy Vent

Well as you can see I made it back from my trip to England.. Oh it was amazing..Except they need A/C, but that is another story..
Mid-June I took my laptop to have some service before I took it on my trip with me. I have a problem taking tooooo many pictures and wanted to unload the camera every night and start each day with a fresh card. So I took the computer to Best Buy where my warranty is. I explained to the Geek Squad guy that the fan is sorting out and that the power cord is loose and is not charging properly. Of course the Geek said the plug it great and it was charging fine. I told him I wanted check and repaired anyway. I received the computer back just before my trip and the plug slightly fits better. It is not acting like it did prior to sending it off. Well 4 days into the trip the connection between the power plug and computer breaks just like I knew it would. So the day after I get home I take it back to Best Buy and explain that they did not fix the problem and now I can not get 3 days worth of pictures off the computer and if I lose these I will have someone heads. They agree it should have been repaired and offer to back up my pictures for free. They tell me to come back in and hour & half and pick up the disc. I go and kill time and get back and show back up to pick up the disc (It is now 11:30am). Well by now jet lag is catching up to me and I want a nap. Geek boy has the nerve to say the disk is not ready bacause a laptop came in AFTER that needed repair.. You arre tell me you bumped my pictures to repeair someones computer that came in after mine. I was tooo tired to pull him across the desk and ring his neck. So I said when will it be ready he said when do you want it by. I wanted it by 11:30 but that is not possible so I said 5pm. So I head home for a nap before the dentist. I had just laid down and the phone rings at 12noon - He says your backup disk is ready. I said I would pick it up later. So the next day at lunch I go back to Best Buy and get the Disk. I head back to work and try the disk. I put in a computer to make sure it was my pictures and the computer does not notice the disk. I then put it in 2 other computers and still nothing.. I call Best Buy and after being on Hold for almost 10mins I speak to one of the Geek squad members and they states they use a DVD to back up the computer. Well that means I have to go home and uplaod it the computer at home and re-burn it. I explained to the Geek that I wanted to take to a photo studio and print pictures from the disk and that they will not accept DVD. I explained that I told the Geek that and I guess he did not know DVD's will not work in the photo kiosk. Why do I need to spell everything out to these boys???? So now I have to wait and see when I will get my computer back. I have a feeling that they will hold it until the end of the month when the warrenty runs out. Boy will they see a very angry chick if they try and charge me...

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