Saturday, August 05, 2006

trip update

I am home.. I got home Late tuesday night after sitting for an hour on the Atlanta runway.. Weather delays.. It was a fabulous trip. I am still trying to get use to our time zone.. I am in the process of uploading the pictures as we speak. England is truly beautiful. The country side is beathe taking. Mary poppins was a lot different from the movie but still good. The weather was amazing.. It felt just like home.. It was in the 90's all the time we were in London.. And ladies most places do not have A/C.. The theater is one of them. On nice thing is they sell ice cream at intermission.. Got melted chocolate on my white pants.. The churchs just amazing. And to try to fiquire how they created such big and beautiful buildings without colapse leaves you dumb struck. I ended up taking almost 1000 pictures and was able to get them onto my computer before the battery died.. As you can tell from the last post. I have printed off about 300 photos for people at work to look at. The area was in full bloom as you will see from some of the pictures. We did not hit rain until our last 3 days but it seem to only rain when we were on the bus. The Cadbury chocolate factory tour was yummy. Walking through the factory and breathing in the smell of warm chocolate just made you want the chocolate more.. I can tell you that chocolate does pretty well in your checked bag. We went to the Denby pottery factory. We were able to make our own ceremic frog and to paint pottery. I ended up bringing coffee mugs home and had to carry those on the plane. The night before we left we had a farewell dinner at "Tales of Robin Hood" dinner theater. We all got to dress up in costumes. I wanted to Bring mine home. They asked us what we wanted to drink (I ordered wine) and they brought each of us our own bottle of wine. And they wanted us up at 5am for head to the airport.. Now that was hard.. Yes I drank a little too much. Another unusal thing is they have beans and fried toast on thier breakfast buffet. Very interesting to me..
Here is what all we saw
7/25 - landed, headed tothe location of #4 Privet Dr. then to Eton and Windsor Castle then to the hotel for welcome dinner.
7/26 - We toured the city, went to the london zoo, Toured Kings Cross Station then to Lunch at the Albert Pub, Free afternoon ( we went by Westminster Abby, Big Ben & the houses of parlament, rode the London Eye, boat tour of the River Thames then rode a double decker and walked the play district) then met up at the playhouse for Mary Poppins.
7/27 - We borded the bus for Oxford - Explored Christ Church/college and wandered the city then went to the Pitts Museum then headed to the Roald Dahl Museum and toured it and watched some of the employees act out some of his short stories. Then we headed back to the hotel (I was hoping to see Phantom of the Opera but due to traffic we got back late)
7/28 - We packed up from the hotel and headed to Stonehenge then through the countryside to Lacock and a tour of Lacock Abbey (very beautiful place & garden) then to Gloucester chathedral and free tme in town then to our new hotel with no A/C. but the bed was to die for.
7/29 - we went to Burton-on-the-water which is a cute little place then to Warwick castle (the location where woods taught harry about Quittich) then to Stafford-on-Avon location of Shakespeare & Ann Hathaway's home. We had a fish & chips dinner
7/30 - We toured the Cadbury Factory then we headed to Kinneyminster for a train ride through the land and at the end we had a tour of the engine house.
7/31 - we had a morning free and walked down to the town of Ashbourne (cute little place, I bought some tea to bring home) then walked back up hill to the hotel, then we went to the Denby Pottery Factory then to Sherwood forest and saw an 800 year old Big Oak. then to the dinner theater.8/01 - Headed to Manchester to board the plane home.. I can not believe how much time has passed already.
I miss everyone. We had a great bunch to travel with. I also learned to get the motion sickness patch for the trip they have very uneven pavement. I am going next year they are seeing Scotland..As soon as I get the picture uploaded I will post the web address.

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