Thursday, August 10, 2006

Best Buy Round 2

As you know I have been battling with Best Buy's Geek Squad to fix my computer. Well when I got home guess what is sitting on my front step.. My Computer.. (And my order from Scrap Your Trip).. I come in feed the pups and then open it up... I have my computer back..... Except.......... NO POWER CORD... You got it it was not sent back with the computer. So I call Best Buy I get someone at the service desk and she says they are with a customer and could I call back in 10 minutes. I said to the nice lady I have need to speak with someone becuase I have been having problems and explained the whole deal. She asks can I take your number and have someone on call you back. She puts me on hold and eventually someone then disconnects me. I call back and it just keeps ringing. I call again and it keeps ringing. I call back and finally get someone and get the geek squad. Well It turns out that I have to make another trip to pick up the power cord because it never made it to the repair shop to be checked out. Can you believe it.. My issue is when I took my mother's laptop in for a power plug issue they replaced the mother board and she got a new power plug.. Here is the mystery.. Will the old power plug fit? Will it charge???? We will see..

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