Monday, August 21, 2006

Recent Events

Many of my family members now tell me that I can not go back overseas. The way I feel is that I we all stop traveling we are letting the terrorist win. Yep that is truly it.. The british government have arrested 20 some terrorist and are still looking for a few more. These men had a plan to blow up planes traveling from England to different US cities. They had planned to blow up the planes over cities to do more damage. The airlines have now limited carry on items to wallet, passport and ticket only. You can not bring anything else - No MP3 or CD player, No portable DVD, No drink, No Lotion, No car keys, No books, magazines or papers and the list goes on. Thank goodness that was not me the week brefore because I would go insane. Maybe by next years trip things will be different. I need at least a book & MP3 player or I will need some sleeping pills. Because I will be insane. I think it is great that they are not allowing certin things on planes. I think that if you purchased your drink in the terminal they should let you bring it on the plane. I truly felt pretty safe flying 3 weeks ago. There was only one guy who creeped me out on the plane.
What else.. I think I am going to go to Scotland next year. Men in Skirts... I have not figuired who I will be going with. There is a tour group that just does HP tours. I am waiting to see what the itenaries are between them and AAA. One group is a little more expensive because it does not include airfare. I will just have to compare them and decide.
Work is Work. Same old Same old..
Love life is still crap. Lonely as ever...

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