Saturday, October 07, 2006

I want kids... NOW

I truly watch two of the greatest little boys in the world. They are so much fun and truly brighten your day. Today I met them at a local yacht clug and help mom keep an eye on them. It was fun to play on the play ground, Watch Dom play in the kiddy pool. Watch Gino play with the girls. Dom and piper walking hand and hand (gotta keep an eye on them) Dom playing with the older girls and sharing. The two sweetest things were when Gino came over a got a towel and said he had to get Piper a towel. Yes that is just what he said. And it truly felt great when Dom came and sat on my lap and we watched the boats come in and dock. The feeling that they truly love to learn things and absorb everything in life. Things I have learned from children - An ice cream can make food disappear off of a plate in no time. No matter what they have been into a childs smile can always melt a heart. I want to know what the attraction kids have to me. I had several kids run up to me and play with me while I was at the yacht club. I really had a great time and I am so glad I came home and took a nap after work because I needed it. I so truly need need to have a baby. I need to find the special someone to give me a family. I want my kids to be like the boys. they are so great.

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