Friday, April 09, 2010

Thank goodness for the weekend...

This has been one heck of a week. Monday like any Monday - Busy. Tuesday was busy but I left at 130pm in the middle of the normal drama. Sharon having her normal meltdown. Thank goodness I was out of there. Went to the dentist. It was time to get my Crown started. Well you know it is bad when the dentist starts talking abut when someone took an appointment or not.. Well they were talking about getting me in for a ROOT CANAL.. Yeppers... She wanted it the next day. My jaw hurt like I had been punch and it broken. I came home and wanted to chop my head off. I took a Pain pill and started to feeling better an hour later. Unfortunately I could not do it Wednesday. I was able to get to the specialist until Thursday. Thursday came. I was smart this time, I took a pain pill before I headed down to the specialist. Well they took me back about 20 mins early. Of course my teeth have to cause problems. It took almost 3hrs to complete. I actually felt better then I did after an hour in the chair Tuesday. Today my jaw is slightly sore nothing a few ibuprofen will not help. I was suppose to watch Isabela but had to call off since I was having the root canal. I feel really bad about calling out. I called and let them know if they needed me to call. Otherwise I have been reading and playing on here. Have a good Friday and rest of the weekend.

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