Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday night.. Already!!!

Why is it some people are just to thick in the head. Hello if a friend has someone show up at you with a video. Why do you have to stay another 2 1/2 hours. You were there to drop off the dog. That is done now LEAVE. I asked Anthony to come out to a fundraiser at a bar. He decided he could not. I have a beer and a Philly Steak sandwich. So I made an offer to bring a movie down for the evening. I love the Sherlock Holmes movie. I get down there and the Former roommate Pam is there. This is about 930pm. She does not leave until almost midnight. Hello, You can go, he is a big boy and Tink (said dog) likes me better anyway. But no. She keeps talking. She says she is a nurse but some of her comments makes me think she has a slightly unlawful job (no not drugs). Good god leave the man alone. He is moving on, why can't you. You have an 18y/o daughter who is pregnant living with her father. Go deal with your own issues. Anthony has been my friend a LOT longer then he has known you. So we finally get to watch the movie and do not finish until 2am. I should have stayed there. Boy that would have pissed her off. But I was honest with him, If I was going to stay he would not get much sleep. Oh well. It was a fun night. And now Sunday is over and work is hours away. Yuck.. I don't want to go back. Do I have to???

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