Monday, February 16, 2009

A trip to the book store..

Have you ever noticed that they publish a book and then a few years later they pull it and put a new cover and then plant it back on the shelf. I have seen this with several of the series of books I have or are reading. L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries have been pulled all the books (at the time 4 books). They pulled them stuck 4 books in 2 books and then they are back on the shelf. I have noticed about another one of his series of books. Charaliane Harris, her books are very hard to find at the moment. You can the find the first of the Southern Vampire series back on the shelf with a new cover thank to HBO. They have a new series called True Blood. I must say it is pretty strange to watch. The series is pretty close to the book so far. There are some crazy changes to the plot. They have started reprinting the Harry Potter series. Although I must say there are what 6 or 7 covers already. I will admit I have 2 complete sets of the series (US & UK releases). Sorry I like the series. I have noticed since I purchased my final book in the Harry Potter series I have been reading more. And lately I have been reading even more. That is one reason I have not been posting to often. For Christmas I was given a Kindle e-book. I am in LOVE with it. I am on my 7th book since I got it. It is amazing how quick you can read with it. You can change the font. You can download a book ANYWHERE. So I started the Southern Vampire series the Monday after New Years and I am now on Chapter 9 if the 7th book. I have never read this fast. I admit I have ADHD and can not concentrate long enough to finish a book with in a month or even a year. I now love to read. Thank you Amazon. My bank account has some other words for you. Well I am running away to see what Sookie is up to...

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