Monday, February 02, 2009

A funny & something just wrong..

Okay the funny. I was sent this website with a video. This a the speech a best man gave. You will laugh your butt off. The Freaky Best Man.

Okay last week a woman gave birth to 8 babies at once. Okay yes it is a miracle but unnecessary. This woman already had 6 children (One of which has autism). She did this so she could get another girl. She does not have a job. She is not married. Her children all have come from the same sperm donor (can you imagine his surprise when 14 children show up on his door step). Her parents had to move in with her and her children in a 2 bedroom home. Can you imagine 15 to 17 people in a 2 bedroom home. Her parents filed for bankruptcy last year. She did this because she is obsessed with having kids. I am sorry there is a lot wrong with this. Her parents bought her a home for her and her kids. She could not make the payments so her parents stepped in. They in turn lost their home and had to move in with her. If she could not way her mortgage then she should not be paying for IVF. How is she going to pay for these children and their medical bills. This kids are going to need a lot in the medical department for the rest of their lives. How did she pay for this? It can cost $15000 to do IVF. Who is going to pay for these kids? I don't think it should be the people of her state that should pay for these children. It was not their choice. This was done for a totally greedy reason. She has robbed her parents of their life and stability. It is not fair for those children. As for the IVF clinic you guys need to draw the line somewhere. You have no business putting 8 embryos in at one time. That is insane. Humans were not meant to carry a litter of kids. As a young girl I love children but I would never consider having 8 embryos implanted. Anyways my family would have me committed for a psychological evaluation. She needs help. It is now posted that she want 2 million from the media for interviews. This is insane. News Article.

I am sorry if you do not share my feelings but it is my blog and this is how I feel.

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jillconyers said...

This whole situation is wrong on so many levels.