Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The nerve of people..

Tonight I had to fill up my little Rav4. I stopped at the place where I feed my Slurpee addiction (7eleven). I was pumping gas. I see this beat up, paint peeling, dented and muddy red minivan at the pump across from me. It had papers and empty coffee cups across the dash. The guy pumped his gas. He then walks over the to little squeegee window cleaner. Head back to his care and cleans the window. I then notice that he starts squeegeeing the dirt off his driver door. He then moves to the tire and cleans it. He works his way all around his vehicle. So he used the thing we use to get the buggies who decided to out in front of you as you drive 70 mph down the highway. So now who ever uses it next will get their windshield scratched because he did not want to run it through a car wash. Well when I went in to get my crack-in-a-cup (sorry I drink the Coke and Mountain Dew mixed - The best) I told the cashier what he was doing and she was shocked. So now think twice before using the squeegee at the service station because it may have been used to wash someones van..

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jillconyers said...

How rude, inconsiderate, annoying...should I keep going? People never cease to amaze me.

OK...Coke and Mt Dew? What a combo!