Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Earmarks in Bills

Have you heard what they have in these bills they are trying to get us to pay for.

a bill for Morman crickets?? Are the male crickets in limted supply and need multiple cricket wives??

A bill to have control the beaver population in New Orleans - Okay that could be taken a few different ways. Has the beaver in the big easy really gotten that out of hand. So are they impeding on each others corner? Oh come on.

Money to help with the odor from pigs in Iowa - SOAP.. Hello they are PIGS! Pigs smell. they play in mud.

Money for genetic research on grapes - Is there a run in paternity among the grape population? They are grapes.

These have got to be the stupidest things to add to bills. Hey why not add something like support the ARTS.. Help the Local Scrapbook Stores.... That is helpful on multiple way - Mental therapy, preserving the past, bringing families together and physical therapy.

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jillconyers said...

Hard to believe when you read the small details. LOL...the beaver problem in N.O.!