Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tired of the same thing over and over again..

First off.... I am in Chapter 4 of Breaking Dawn. I only started it about 9pm last night. I am moving along pretty quickly. So far it is pretty good....

Okay back to the title subject. There are two things that are constantly on the TV. 1.) The Digital switch off due in Febuary 2009. We get it.. If you are on an aentenna after that date you will not be able to watch TV. Get the stupid box so they can stop these commercials. The thing that sucks that when a hurricane hits an area we can not pick up TV stations with our battery operated TV. Real smart... 2.)The whole Caylee Anthony situation. The mother Casey has done something with that little angel. And Cindy (Casey's Mother) knows more then she puts on. Casey is not acting right. She has only showed emotions when she was being sentenced. She was more worried about her boyfriend's cell number. Why does an unemployeed mother need a babysitter. There is truly something wrong with this whole deal. The only people I feel bad for is Caylee and her grandfather. They are the true victums. Casey needs to come off the planet named Denial and confess as to what she has done with Caylee.

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Shell said...

I'm with you... I think I took around 600 photos on our first day at Disney, lol. Definitely NOT going to scrap them all!