Saturday, August 09, 2008

Not Yet...

I know I am far behind in starting Breaking dawn. I think I am going to go ahead and stop the book I am reading and start Breaking Dawn. You know when you read a series and just read them back to back and the book gets a little stale. That is where I am. I am going to finish the chapter and start the other. I must say I am beginning to enjoy AudioBooks from The local radio shows are getting annoying. The DJ's voices are like nails on a chalk board. The radio stations are playing the same songs over and over again. Thank God for MP3 players and AudioBooks. I have started listening to the Bloodties Series from Jennifer Armentrout. So off to read again

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DCY said...

I found your blog through Renee and thought I would comment about this post. I just started Twilight. I bought all four books and pre-ordered Breaking Dawn. I finally found enough time to go pick it up from BAMM and started Twilight on Saturday. Seems very interesting so far, I am feeling okay about the expense. I have this thing about buying hardbacks and then not being able to get rid of them, my house is overrun with books. I currently am reading three at the same time. "Rhett Butler's People; An Irish Country Doctor; and Twilight."