Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blog Challenge

When you go on vacation and take lots of pics... Do you try to scrap them all or just some?

I just scrap some of them. I have a habit of taking WAY to many photos. On my last trip I went to England & Scotland for 12 days. I took over 1800 and multiple Videos. Yeah ouch.. Thank goodness I took my computer with me to unload my camera frequently. I did make an 52 page 5x7 coffee table book of pictures from the trip. I have not started to scrap this trip yet.

3 Your thoughts and comments:

Lesa said...

That sounds like me....I take a ton of pictures. I love it though - since my mother is the worst picture taker ever!

Janet said...

That's a lot of pics! I don't think I've taken that many on a trip but I'm getting there! :-) I would love to go back to Europe. I haven't been there since college.

Paris said...

I do this too. I always take way to many photos on my trips. But to answer your question no I don't scrap everyone, just my favorites and ones that help tell my story.