Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sun in the Sunshine state..

Well maybe not that clear. The sun did make an appearnace today. Not for long but we did see some sun rays and blue skies. Shocking I know. Sunshine in the Sunshine state..

This was just after 630pm tonight. We are dry. The blocked road at the enterance of the subdivison was open this morning. We had to go to work this morning. It was a pretty quiet morning and then seemed to pick up in the afternoon. One of my co-workers had 9 inches in her home. Maybe we will get some sun tomorrow. According the the Weather Channel we got between 15 to 30inches of rain. Palm Shores which is about 5 minutes from the house got almost 21inches (It is where I took some pictures of lightening). Windover Farms just west of me reported over 25 inches by 5pm Wednesday evening. Now that is a lot of water. Enough water that Alligators are swimming through the neighborhood. Some peoples ponds over flowed and Koi were swimming around. Catfish were on the tarmac at one of the airports. One of the news channels said they have chased Fay all over the state. They say they have put over 800 miles on their vehicle and they are not done chasing her.
Blog Challenge:When you do vacation pic. Do you make a different book for each vacation or all in one book?
I rarely get to take a vacation so not usually. I went to England on a Harry Potter tour thru AAA and I have created an album about the film locations we visited. I completed it right before I went back to England and added Scotland to my tour. (HP Fantrips). I am planning on doing an album for that trip too. I have created a coffee table book of some of the trip but would like to have a scrapbook to join the first. I am just looking a matching album and a paper line I like.

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Chanel said...

Glad you're doing okay down there! Sounds like it's on it's way out.

Linda said...

Glad that you finally saw some sun. I love Harry Potter, sounds like a fun vacation.

Janet said...

Gosh, I cannot imagine alligators swimming thru the neighborhood! Mercy! Sounds like things are looking up now for Florida. I'm sure it's a huge mess for many ppl.

jill said...

Happy to see almost blue skies and a peek of sun. I remember the Fl weather all too well.

Vacation pics? So far I've done layouts for a general places we go family album. But, a few when-the- kids-get-older vacations we're planning (or when dh surprises me with my long awaited trip to Paris) I will make mini albums.