Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay Fay Go Away.

We have the tropical storm that WILL NOT LEAVE... Since monday we have had over 25 inches of rain. Tuesday just after I got home at 1pm.
#2 It about 5 pm. #3 Is outside of my bedroom window. #4 is the water creeping up the back porch. It then went back down. #5 About 1pm Water raising fast. #6 This is the way I go to work. The canal overflowed and is heading to the creek the fastest way it knows. Right Across Croton Rd. Looks like I will be going a different route to work tomorrow. #7 is the Canal. You usually can not see the water in it. Sunday There was a guy standing down there and you could not see below his shoulders.

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Janet said...

Wow...I really feel for you guys with all that rain. It's terrible. Hope it has cleared up by now.