Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blog Challenge

What is something you are looking forward to during this coming week?

It comes once a year. Last year it was probably my best ever.. It is my BIRTHDAY.. Well if today it the 13th that means 4 more days.. I will turn 33 on Thursday. And as for someone who RARELY takes time off of work. I am taking Thursday and Friday off and I am going to spend it at home cuddling two spoiled dogs and catching up on either my Scrapbooking or reading. I need to spend less time on here because I am way behind in my reading. I have to finish the book I am reading by August 2nd so I can start Breaking Dawn. Right now I am reading Fiery Cross. I have been playing tooooo much on-line to get into this book or I should have taken a break in the series before starting it. Oh well..

I must say I have started tooooo many series books (also check out my book shelf on the right side of this blog from GoodReads):
Outlander series
Twilight series
House of night
Vampire Kisses
Vampire Academy
Vampire Diaries Maga
Blue Bloods
Mediator series (Audio Books from

See a few tooo many. The big problem is my closest bookstore takes FOREVER to get new releases in. The latest Vamire Kisses book was released on July 1st and it is still not on the shelf. In January I was reading the Vampire Diaries Re-release combo book. I waited 2 weeks and nothing. I ordered it and still after 2 weeks nothing. I went to the Viera store and they had it. It kills me.. I don't like the Viera store because it is like an Ice box.

Okay enough with the babbling. It is late and I should be in bed. Happy Sunday.

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jill said...

Happy early birthday! Enjoy your day and being off from work.

Great reading list. I've read the Twilight and House of Night series and the first of Vampire Academy. One fo the series on my to read list is Highlander. As soon as I finish the Ghostwalker and Dark Hunter series I'm reading now.

lilymommy2000 said...

Happy Birthday Christy! I love the Highlander series also but Fiery Cross was a toucgh one to get through. Have you tried the Kushiel's series by Jacqueline Carey? They are probably my favorite books ever. They are kind of science fiction but not really. They are kind of hard to describe but you'll never find a mosre captivating heroine. Definitely must reads!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Your BIrthday is on the 17! Your birthday is on the Full Moon . Oh girl this is an amazing thing. Watch this video and see why. Positive things are coming to you.

Noelia said...

Happy early birthday to you! Enjoy every second of it. I will be celebrating my birthday in July as well :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, you're welcome anytime.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday WEEK! In our house birthdays are celebrated for a whole week! Enjoy yours to the fullest!

Darleen said...

Happy Birthday and happy reading!! Also, don't forget to get some of that scrappin'done!!!