Thursday, September 18, 2003

Day 4

Today I suprised myself. I stood up for myself. I stood my supervisor that I was tired of doing almost all of the procedures. I told her that I would be going on vacation one day and would not be there to do it for them and what would they do then? I thold her that they needed to learn to do it on there own. I know it pissed her off but it is part of the reason I keep gaining weight. I do so much to satisfy everyone else and it eats at me because I always get walked all over and then I eat to make myself fell better. And if I am going to lose weight I have to stand up for myself. I am very proud of myself. This is a I needed to do to control my eating habits and why I eat. I have notice that since I have changed my attitude I have started eating less and not craving all the chocolate or pasta.  I will lose this weight and I will stop letting myself be walked on.

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