Saturday, September 20, 2003

Day 5 Late entry

9/19/03: Went to work today as usual. It was like any day. They brought the staff from our Palm Bay office to the Melbourne office. Of course not long after I arrived I heard what I hate to hear, " I don't know how to do that" " I can't do that" and "after yesterday I not working with her". Life is a bear, you have to put it behind you, today is a new day. She is going to have to lose that attitude before she is moved up to Melbourne. I am so glad it is the weekend. Time to unload and relax. Then after work I went to Victoria's Secret to be properly fitted for a Bra.  Properly fitting bras can get expensive. Then I went out jet skiing with Richie and his friend Neal for a few hours. They wore that poor jet ski out. I was so tired afterwards u ended up crashing before writing, so i must catch up today. I will write my entry for today a little later.

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