Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Day 3

This is kinda hard to write after you do the inital unloading of feelings. My current frustrations is with my baby IV Grace. At night she does a lot of crying and whinning. She whines from the time she finishes her dinner until she falls asleep or she gets what she wants. I have tried to break her of the habit by not giving is but mom turns around and gives in to her cries. We love on her, we cuddle her, we play with her, we kiss on her. But all she seems to want is food, a bone or a chewy. Then mom wonders why her weight continues to climb higher. I walk her so that we both can lose weight and mom just continues to stuff bones in her face. I try to tell mom that they do not need a bone every time we walk in the down. All I hear is that they beat on me until they get one. She does not realized that she is rewarding them for beating on her. You should hold off on the bone until they have calmed down then reward them for sitting and being calm. Then i hear that they don't know any better. No mom they are smart enohg to have trained you to get them a bone as soon as you enter the house. They have you wrapped around their little paw.

Work: I am not sure that work will ever change under it's current management. I want people properly trained but if you do not have enough people to cover the staff on hand and a full patient load it is not a good mixture. The new member of the staff is thrown in to working mode. It is just not a great mixture. And like I said before, the person who should be training should know how to work things completely. Management should be something that is in the middle of the hussle-n-bussle for the office to see how the employees are doing. They should not be off site and out of touch. The current managmemnt just disappears at times, she never answers her pages. The employees should not have to play find the boss. The manager should also not ignore an employee because they have discovered a problem that needs to be fixed. That does not make the problem disappear, it usually leads to a larger more expensive problem. Why are some people lacking common sense?

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