Friday, September 05, 2008

Storms, Sandbags and Cancer... oh my..

I woke up to rain hitting my window. I woke up late of course. Why it is so hard to get up. I can easily sleep until noon. Most nights I can not fall asleep until 1 or 2 am. Some nights even later. So I awake to black angry clouds. My nights sleep inturpted by rain and hail hitting the house. No wonder I am tired. So get dress and head out into the windy world to work. So off the coast is Tropical Storm Hanna. Aparently she wanted to check out the place where her friend Fay decided to park. Throughout the day the rain fell and the wind blew. Head headed north to visit the Carolina coast. Hanna is the least of our worries. There is a monster sitting off our coast. His name is Ike. Ike's path changes with each release from the Hurricane center. Since Brevard county was drowned by T.S. Fay the county set up some sand bag stations throughout the county. For some reason they set most of those stations in the Central part of the county. I head to one of the 2 south are stations. Mom got her 10 bag and I got my 10 bags. So I come home and unload 20 bags. I distribute them around the house. Mom thinks she can unload them and is driving me nuts. So in the process of stacking sandbags the garage get a slight cleaning. Since with Fay we had a small river through the garage. It is bad enough the storms are triggerng the weather sensors thoughout my left side. Moving those 20 sandbags and those sensors are are extremely pissed off. After a shower, a motrin 800, a muscle relaxer and an ice pack and I'm back to that comfortable place.

And now to the Cancer part. My uncle Bobby is home. His bone marrow is clean of cancer cells and he can go home for a little while until his bone marrow transplant. He will return to the hospital in a few weeks for the bone marrow transplant. He has a set back a few days ago because of a fever. That is because of an infected tooth. That is what they say. I am sure it is because of some naughty thoughts my aunt whispered in his ear... I know I am bad. Well being down brings your ablilty to fight an illness down. So laughter is great for your health.

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