Sunday, September 07, 2008

Blog Challange..

Have you started to make Christmas gifts?

No... I really do no make presents. I just start trying to figure out whar what people would like. Now a days that is almost impossible to think of.

I was watching the season premiere of bones earlier this week. In the show they say that it is considered lucky to see the Tower Bridge in the open position. We I must admit that I have seen the Tower bridge in the open position. I was even lucky enough to get it on film.

This was on my 2006 trip to London.
To be back there now...

3 Your thoughts and comments:

emily said...

What a neat picture!

Lily said...

Love that photo. Great moment to catch. I don't make christmas presents either. way too stressful!

Whitney said...

It is hard to make or buy things you know someone will like! It seems like it gets harder every year too.

Love the photo! I would like to visit London someday.