Monday, September 01, 2008

Hurricane Season..

Things are picking up and apparently they have their eyes on Florida. This is a cartoon in the local paper Saturday. It is by Jeff Parker and it speaks volumes. Except now behind the Hard Place add a couple more storms. So later this week we are going to get a visit from Hurricane Hanna and maybe next week we will have a visit from Ike and then maybe a visit from Josephine. Oh good gracious. This morning Hurricane Gustva hit Louisiana. Luckily he went from a Category 4 that he was in the Gulf to a Category 2 she hitting land. They have some flooding in New Orleans but nothing as bad as after Katrina. It seems like the storms of 2004 and 2005 have come to life and strike again in 2008. They are estimating 60+ MPH winds later this week from Hanna. No one knows what or where Ike is heading. The kids of Brevard have already used 4 of their 5 hurricane days. (The northeners get Snow days we get Hurricane days. I remember my senior year having to use some of those hurricane days. That is life in a coastal city.

This is a very bad picture from the newspaper. This is my co-workers backyard. That is a 5 ft fence and that is a floating lil' tikes sandbox (it is empty). She had 9inches in the house. She luckily added flood insurance to her home owners policy in the beginning of June. Who would have thought that 90 days later she would have use that policy. Her son and his family live in the next subdivision were the only ones in their neighborhood that did not flood.

So please everyone send prayers for the people being effected by Hurricane Gustva and all of those who may be in the eyes of the storms lined up on the Atlantic.

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