Friday, August 29, 2008


I admit that I visit a lot of message boards. There was a thread about the Hurricanes and Tropical storms. We were recently pounded by Fay who decided to stick around for a few days and flood the area. I made a comment that it was turn south heading toward Cuba. At the time when it was posted it is too early to determine exactly where the turn will take her. . I got bashed for being glad it is not going to hit here. This people did not have the balls to post their real identity, if you are throw the stone it is better to face it like an adult and not hide behind a Guest Identity. It is now 3 days later and they are still unsure where Hanna is heading. Since Fay hit here I have had to watch co-workers & patients cry over watching the things they worked so hard for be washed away before their eyes. I have listened to them dealing with their insurance, Landlords and FEMA. We have a space shuttle due to head into space soon. If we are hit with another storm it will cost millions to re-arrange the schedule. And the poor families in Barefoot Bay who have parts of their houses ripped off then water invading. Fay hit our coast 4 times in a week and left a lot of water in her path. She is moving toward places that are still recovering from previous storms and where one is headed as we speak. I will tell you I do not want any of the storms to hit the islands off our coast but I will be quite honest I do not think this place could take another storm so soon. I truthfully do not know how the people of those islands can survive with as many storms that have passed over them. The have very little structural damage or life loss. These are the people we need to study. We need to see how and why their homes do so well. When I made the comment about is turning south and way from here I do not wish for it to harm anyone. It is still early and they do not know where she is truly heading. If two storms hit the US coastline on the same week the government would not be able to handle it. And truthfully I just typed exactly what every Floridian is thinking. It will be the same thing that people in the projected path (or cone) of Gustva will be saying when it makes landfall away from them and their house is spared. I just was adult enough to type what everyone was thinking. Every year people who reside in a coastal community says the same prayer June 1st and when they announce something is brewing in the tropics - Please do not let it head toward us. And on November 30th we are partying because another Hurricane season is over and then hope there are no season storms. It is the facts and it is time for others to admit it.

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