Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend plans..

So mom has decided to give me my belated birthday present that I told her she did not have to do. Tomorrow we are going to Universal Studios and we are going to see Blue Man Group. I have not been to Universial Studios in a long time. This should be fun.. Then we are going to stop at Florida Mall so I can get some more of my facial scrub from the Lush Store. If you have not tried the stuff your need to consider it. Amazing stuff and all natural. It is best to stop there while I am in Orlando since it is $10 shipping to order it on line and Florida mall is not far from Universal.

Now a vent to Universal / Warner Bros... Why are you guys moving the release date of the Harry Potter Movie?????????????? Are you scare of a couple of vampires??? The only cool thing about the release is the new release date is on MY BIRTHDAY. And thee Birthday of Erin who shares the same date. Read about it Here. But an added bonus. As you know I am not only a Harry Potter Fan. I am an Edward fan. If you have not read these book you are missing a pretty good set of books. Why can there not be more Edwards in the world???? Since they have movie the Harry Potter movie to My birthday the film company releasing Twilight will be moving the release of the movie to November 21st to replace the whole make my HBP. Read about it.

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