Friday, August 15, 2008

A new Knight

This is great.. The Edinburgh zoo today presented Knighthood to one of their prized Penguins. He is too cute. The Edinburgh Zoo is one of the places I whiched I had visited while I was visiting. Man I can not believe that is has been over a year since I was in Scotland. Why is time flying. I am ready to pick up and move of to either England or Scotland. If you know the real me you know I have to take medication daily for a condition called Uticaria (a.k.a. Rash of unknown origin). The two weeks I spent in England and Scotland was truly a heaven sent. They don't use as many perservatives in their food as we do. I usually break out from wheat products. Not there. I was all may medication a few days after landing in this beautiful country. I would love to move across the pond but have not figured out how I could afford to. Plus I do not want to leave my mother. I am all she has. Maybe one day the time will be right and I can relocate for my health. Don't get me wrong I love living in Florida and close to the Mouse House. To be itchy or not be itchy.. that is the question..

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