Saturday, August 02, 2008

Good News, New home party & a Good Book.

Good News.. My cholesterol is down. My total cholesterol went from 233 to 169 in 6 weeks. And no it was NOT the cheerios (I did that and my cholesterol did not budge). My ratio when from5.5 to 3.3. So the Crestor is working. I have not changed my diet anymore. So I guess this means I am stuck on it for a while. Which reminds me I need to request a refill from target.

Tonight I went to my friend Shannon's house for a home party. It was for a company called Uppercase Living. It is a company that pretty much does vinyl wall art. Very cool product. A lot of great fonts and sayings. They have a lot of pre-made sayings. And you can also create your own. Yeah I know what you are thinking. I can do this on my Cricut, silhouette or wishblade machine. Yes you can but they do not have the color vinyl selection like they do. I purchased a beautiful Create sign that I am going to put either in my bedroom or in the craft room. I was considering the "All you need is a faith, trust and little fairy dust" wall art but thought someone would think I was in sane. They have it embellished with gems. Maybe if I have a book party and then get it. I brought home a catalog to take to work to see if I could spark enough interest to do one.

Then I headed over to Books a Million so I could pick up my copy of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyers. The store was having a midnight release party. It was pretty interesting. Lots of people dressed up. They had give-a-ways. Remember my vent about this store.. Well they were sold out before it was every released. They only had enough to cover the Pre-orders. Hello.. Don't you think other people are going to want to read this book. Maybe they did not want to pre-order it. Well this store is sold out. They have to lose a lot of business because they do not have the latest releases. It is just stupid. And now that I pull the Books-a-million site up, how can they already have 8 used books for sale when it was only released 1 hour ago???? I can not start it yet because I am still trying to finish The Fiery Cross. I need to get my butt in gear. I did get one chapter read while waiting for the release. There are 111 chapters in the book and I am only on Chapter 35. Oh man.. Maybe I will stop this one for a few to get this one down then maybe I can get into Fiery Cross. I think I read to many of the same series back to back.

I must run. It is 2am and I need some sleep. Night or Good Saturday Morning because that is what time it will be when you read this. Have a safe & fun weekend.

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emily said...

In appreciation of your nice comments and the fact that I enjoy reading your blog...there is a little something for you over at my blog today!

renee said...

Congrats on the great cholesteral scores. Too bad about the book.