Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cult classic..

Many years ago I use to watch Mystery Science theater 3000. You know -It is about a man is trapped in space with two robots. They play a classic Sci-fi B-movies and make comments though out the movie. Well what brings this up is I was flipping through the channels and the movie was playing on HBO. I miss shows like this. It is also neat to see how far we have come in the film industry. Even the costumes have truly advanced. I had totally forgot about this show. So goofy.

Tonight I have been working on my Klub QK Recipe pages for the meeting on the 11th. I have one page complete. Only 13 more to go. I have all the die cuts cut. Now I just have to assemble them. I am pretty happy with them. I will post a picture probably tomorrow. Have a good night..

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