Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is just wrong..

I live in Central Florida. We have 2 preschoolers missing over the last 2 to 3 years. Trenton Duckett. His mother did something with him. The mystery of his disappearance went to the grave with his mother. Now we have a little 3 y/o little girl named Caylee Anthony. Who has been missing since as early as June 8th or some day in june. Casey, er mother says she is missing but she was too afraid to call the police because of thing she has seen in movies about kidnappings. Orlando police arrested Caylee's mom Casey. Casey had been caught in Multiple lies. Like that she has been working at Universal studios when she was really fired 2 years ago. The mother has moved from place to place over the last few weeks. The mother claims the Babysitter took her. According to the landlord of the apartment complex no one has lived in that apartment in 5 months. The Grandparents never met the babysitter. The Grandmother first says Casey states she did not want to hurt Her (Grandmother). Casey's car was found abandoned in a parking lot with no gas. The Grandmother called 911 (This call was just released.) stating she wants an office to come out and arrest someone who took her car. The operator asked who she was wanting to have arrested. She says her daughter and that her grand daughter is missing. She says that her daughter says she can not say who has her. Another 911 call says We found my daughters car and it smells like a deab body has been in it. The car was found with old pizza with magots on it. They have had cadaver dogs hit in the car and in the back yard to the Grandparents home. Casey showed NO emotion when she was arrested. The grandmother keeps saying me me me me me.. Now there are tips coming in saying she was on a flight to Atlanta. There are tips that say she was spotted in two cities in Georgia. Casey says she received a call from Caylee just before she was reported missing. If this is true why can they not prove this. There is just something wrong about this whole case. The mother has been spotted backing the car into the Garage of the grandparents home. That she has borrowed a shovel. What has it taken grandparents so long to report her missing. They live in the same city. I did not go a week without seeing my grandparents. Bond has been set for $500,000 and home confinement. The grandparents are working to get money to spring Casey. My mother told me if I was hiding something like this she would leave my ass in jail. I don't blame her. There is truly something wrong with this situation. Casey has either sold Caylee or traded her for drugs or worse killed that beautiful little girl. She is truly a cute little cute.
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