Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blog Challenge

How about for today's challenge... what was the first job or profession you wanted to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a pediatrician. Then I started working on Pediatrics and saw the tough decisions and what they have to sometimes do to little children. It broke my heart. Then I wanted to be an architect and interior designer. But of course my mother who wanted me to be in the medical field pushed me away from what I enjoyed. Now I am in the medical field and total HATE my job with a passion. My one joyous part is when I get to watch the boys..

Little man Cody had his surgery this morning. They had to remove more of his teeth then origionally thought. The vet pulled 5 teeth. So little man is sitting home with his grandma spoiling him. When I made it home at 530pm Cody and Mom where not home yet. So I consoled I.V. Grace because she spent the whole day by herself. This is the first time they have been seperated since they were little. She was shaking when I walked in. Of course there was a storm and I know that probably pushed her over the edge. I cuddled her until her brother came in. She wanted to sniff him from head to toe. Cody was not having any of that. He finally laid down and was releaxing when I left to babysit. Mom said he is resting and catching some Zzzzz..

3 Your thoughts and comments:

Raquel said...

Hope Cody feels better soon. I hate when mine are not feeling well.

jill said...

First time visit! Love the look of your blog. We have some of the same books on our GR shelf.

Sharla said...

This is my first visit also, and LOVE the look as well. I also LOL at the friendship poem on the previous post..gotta copy that. LOVE it.