Friday, July 04, 2008

Blog Challenge and 4th of July plans..

My 4th of July plans are a little strange. I am tearing up a dead spot in the front yard. Yep me. So I start cutting the grass with the shovel. When my Stampin' Up Rep (She is the Greatest) pulled up to drop off some punches I purchased. She says they have a thing called the Garden Claw that will help with stirring up the dead grass.
This is the dead spot before I get the garden claw. It usually runs $20 she says. So I said what the heck. Jump in the SUV and drive out to Home Depot. I am lucky because I have one about 5mins from the house. Of course who does not wander around the store. I get 2 bags of soil that is to help with Grass plugs, sod and seeding and such. Then we head to the area where the shovels and stuff are. I find one and it costs $19.99. I am like fine. Walk a little further and find one for $14.99. Get that.. Then pick up a few other things like a Grill brush and new soap dish for the shower. Head back to the garden center and check out. 20 pieces of Sod I want. So $75 dollars later. I pull the Rav4 up and load the 20 pieces of sod into the back. I am getting into the Rav4 and look up and see this beautiful Rainbow in the sky. It is not raining. It is bright an beautiful. Of course I did not have my camera. So I praying that is would not disappear before I go home. Here are some photos I was able to catch. It was a lot brighter at Home Depot and on the ride home.

So here is my little Rav4 loaded with the sod. Then my little helpers jump up and check it out.

I got the are turned then dumped the 2 bags of dirt. I level it out as best as I could. I have a rake somewhere but of course it is hiding because it is suppose to do work. I start laying the sod. I thought 20 pieces would be enough. I was wrong. I have to go back to Home Depot and get about 6 more pieces to finish it out. I must say I am too dang tired at this moment to move. I must say that for a girl I did a pretty good job. I did it from start to finish in 3hrs.

This last picture is mom feeding I.V. Grace some Watermelon. She is my Dare Devil. She will try most things we give her that is food related. She will even eat Bananas. She is making a face because it is cold.

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Benita said...

Wow, you have more energy than me! Your yard looks should be proud of your hard work :) Love the doggies.....they're so cute!