Saturday, June 07, 2008

I guess I will update about my week..

You know some days you just can not win.. I had it all last week. Monday & Tuesday were pretty quiet but very long. Well Wednesday was when it started getting bad. I was putting stuff away in out procedure room and knocked a bottle of Hurricane Spray out of the cabinet. Not a problem.. Until it hit the laptop screen. Yeah. Now there is a problem. We have laptops in every room. This laptop is only one with a soft screen. I should have taken a picture of the screen it was pitiful. The lower right side was distored. Shining light - It was still under warrenty... YEAH... Thursday rolls around.. I am filling the coffee maker with water. Well apparently it did not drain completely from person who made the first pot of coffee. I was pouring the water into the coffee maker and it ends up splashing everywhere and lands on the power strip tripping the breaker. Killed the power for the Autoclave, coke machine, printers and water cooler. Well that put a kink in the morning routine. Some of us really need our morning coffee. I was lucky to fine a plug that I did not knock out and finish the coffee. Thanks to DJ who found the correct power switch and we have power again. Friday - oh Firday.. We are beyond short handed.. Karla is out of the country visiting her mother. Dee has flown to Chicago to see her family. Sharon took off because she is hosting a graduation party Sunday. When you only have 6 MA's to cover all the practioners and over half are out of the office there is a problem. The only other MA in the office has become an even bigger waste of space. She spends all her time walking around not doing a thing. So that leaves me & Natrina to cover the 2 physicians and pretty much all the phone calls and prescription refills. It was after 130pm when I left. A 45+hr week. And some of my bad luck has rubbed off on my doctor. My doctor was packing her car to come to work when her keys feel off her stack of belongings and dropped into the trunk. Well the rest of the car was locked.. So she calls one of the other physicians and he takes her to the surgery center. After her cases she calls me and I go and get her and take her to her car and wait for AAA to come and unlock the car and retrive her keys from the trunk. What a way to start a vacation. So my saving grace is that she is on vacation next week and I can work at my desk. I am going to take a day off just for myself.. I can not believe our boss let all those people off at one time. When I ad to go to court in February I asked for the whole day off and ended up going in and working 1/2 a day. I am just too damn nice. Oh well that week is gone and next is another and a fresh start..

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Dana said...

sounds like a day in the Brooks household....LOL Hang in there.