Saturday, June 07, 2008

Blog Challenge 6/7/08

What do you do with all of the things you write about?

A little of this and a little of that. Work, scrapbooking, my family and most of all my crazy life.

This week I have not blogged much because I have been working toooo many hours at work. Me and 3 of the other MA's at work had almost 40hrs Thursday night. This means every minute we work on Friday was Overtime.. I have over 5 1/2 hours overtime when I left Friday. The sad thing is when you look at the paycheck really does not show it. And the overtime just about covers a tank of gas. I know our gas prices here are not as bad as it is in other places. I paid $3.91 a gallon yesterday. It cost me $55.00 to fill my tank. Yikes!!! that is regular unleaded. Not the mid-grade my little Rav4 likes. Yes my Rav4 is on a diet it with me.. hehehe... Why is it when the price per barrel goes up we see it right away. But if the price per barrel goes down we never see that change. When I bought this Rav4 in 2006 it cost me $32 to fill it's 14 gallon tank with premium gas. Now just over 2 1/2 years later it costs me $55. This is outragous.. And the oils companies are turning over a $40 billion dollar profit. That is very wrong. Me and a co-worker who lives a block from each other thought about riding the bus. If we want to ride the bus we would have to board the bus at our house at 1:30am to be dropped off at the local airport at 2pm and sleep there until 7am tp be dropped off at the hospital at 730am. That is crazy. I really do not think they would appreciate a whole bunch of people sleeping in the airport.

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:: gingerkitty :: said...

My mantra...the price of gas is going down. I chose not to voice the reality of what bothers me and I focus of what makes me feel better.