Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blog Challenge

Today is an overcast day. Yep.. Yucky and gray in the Sunshine State. It is all caused by a tropical low down near South America. It is not amazing how something so far away can effect us up here. I am just glad it is not the horrible "H" word. Yep, Florida has entered one of the worst season this state his. We have Summer, Winter & Hurricane. We have now been in Hurricane season for 25 days into the season. We stay in Hurricane season until Novemeber 30th. You wait on batted breath when you watch the weather because you are terrified that something will come off the african coast or develop in the Gulf of Mexico. Okay what got me thinking of hurricane season. They are in the process of change cable to stop sending a signal to antennas. So here is my problem - When a storm hits we usually do not have the available power to get the tv's and cable boxes. Most people have little portable tv's with antennas. So how are we to get the news if we can not recieve a signal. Hello.. this does not make sense. Just food for thought...

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