Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blog Challenge 6/24/08

where to begin... What to write.. Hummmm... I have been playing on facebook a little too much. There is a Game called Parking Wars. Okay here is how it works. You start off with 3 vehicles. You have a street "Insert first name here" Street with 5 parking spaces. You are to park you cars on different streets according to the signs. You are started off with 3 neighbors streets to park on. Here is the Idea.. To park your cars according to the signs and for each minute that passes you get money. Max amount is $5,560. You have to watch the signs because they change throughout the day. You also have to watch your street because your friends can park there and if the signs change you can write them a ticket. When you write a ticket the money they have banked you get. So the more friends you get to play the more parking spaces you can chose to park at. The more money you get the more cars you can buy. You can also collect badges. So here is my dilemma. I have someone parked illegally and I do not want to give her a ticket. She is a habitual parking violator. She is at her max money for this parking space. I just really hate giving people tickets. She has to 915pm and then she gets a ticket. I have given her enough time and she is still there... Beep Beep..

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