Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Day 9

Well today started off like a normal. After lunch the staff from the business office came over because they started smelling something in there office. They thought that it was a gas leak. So they called the fire department. Well that office do not have city gas to it so common sense would say that it is not a natural gas leak. Well it is a Methane gas back up. This only means that the poop they have been dishing out is coming back to get them or in simple terms, they are full of Sh*t. The fumes were coming from the restroom that was totally destroyed and is sitting empty. It is probably not capped off like it should be, done half of the proper way required for safety reasons. The second interesting thing: A police drug stop in our parking lot. Yes, 4 undercover patrol cars pull over a car in our parking lot and arrest a lady for possession of cocaine. So the afternoon turned into an adventure. Me, I just behaved myself and tried to keep out of trouble. I did as I was told or asked by my superiors. I stayed out of the way of upset Doctors. I put the patients in the rooms and put labs in the computer. But I just remembered that I did not run the Quest manifest. Nothing I can do from here. And again why is it My responsablity to do it. Everyone left early and did not run it. I ran Labcorp when he came in. See I am not worrying about it. Oops..Life goes on.

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