Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Day 10

Well I sit here wondering if the power will stay on. Th power has been going on and off all evening. lets see if it makes it through.

Work: It is starting again. My coworkers are starting to assume that since i do not have kids or school to go to I can cover for them. Why is it my responsablity??? Debbie always has to have the last word. I was in the middle of an exam, I am not going to leave the doctor to go exit out of my computer. Call someone who is still signed in and ask them to exit, if I am not at my desk I can not exit. Get someone to help out. And How are people suppose to get things completed when they never get time to work on it??? I am beginning to think i need to leave this job to get the weight off. Not everyone is supportive. Like my horoscope said "Outsiders don't get it. You can't do it for them"

Chocolate Update: It is out of the desk drawer. No I did not eat it. I gave it away to a set of parents that made a special trip to show us their sweet little doll. It was worth it she was a very alert little lady for 5 days old.

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