Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Day 2

I am so glad that this day is over. It was a very long and frustrating one. I sometimes feel that some people look at the world as a some place they just work. They just do what they can to get through the day and don't do anything until they are forced to. And then there are others that work until they are to the point of falling over from exhaustion. The people who do not know the most are always the one who are teaching the new employees how to do things. They seem to take credit for things others have done even though they have not help out with the project at all. When they are given a project to do they seem to delegate it off onto someone else even though that persons work load is currently over what they can complete in a reasonable amount of time. I have also noticed that if you whine enough you will get your way no matter how little they pull their weight. Some individuals do not realize that for a business to work smoothly everyone needs to work as a team. People can't seem to understand that people don't like to you out when you never help you coworkers out when they are away from work.


Diet wise: I reduced amount of food. I took a Hershey bar that was given to me and put it in my desk drawer. When I was frustrated today with my coworkers I did not run and gobble it down. It is not what will fix my frustration. It is still there unopened. I ate a low calorie meal with watermelon. I did not walk today due to the fact that it started raining not long after getting home.

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