Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The TV shows --- Bones..

Tonight was the premiere of Bones on Fox. It was filmed in England. It was filmed at the Bodleian Library. I have been there. Yes I have.. I stood exactly where that was filmed. Oxford Virtual Tour. We stayed at the Randolph Hotel. It is so neat to see someplace you have visited on TV. It makes me realized how much I would love the move to England. I don't know how to explain it but I felt like that is where I belong. My body enjoyed it there. Little or no preservatives in the food. I was feel of my allergy meds medications. Okay back to the show. They also did a lot of filming in London. that us That is were I would love of to move live. I know people complain about the dollar being so week. But uf if you really look at the cost of things. A flat to let(ie Apartment for rent) is about 200 to 500 pounds. Well around here that is about right. A studio here is about $700. Hell in California $700 dollars my buy you a cardboard box or a stall in a bathroom. (sorry an 800 sq. ft. home going for $300,000 is fucked up insane) To be quite honest if the tropics do not settle down then I might be moving over sooner then later. But I felt like I could be my own person. Be Christy. I would not be forces to do as my mother wants. It is just were I felt at ease. I would miss my family,some of my friends and the families I babysit for. But I would not miss things here. I know that is sad to say but I feel it in my heart.

Tropics update - We have Hanna who is like the puppy chasing it's tail going here and there and does not have a clue where she wants to go. Behind her is her every strengthening brother Ike. He is already a Category 3 (as of 11pm he is a Category 4) - not good Oh Crap!!!. He might be following him his big brother Gustva's tracks. Gustva made landfall Monday in Louisiana. He luckily went from the Category 4 storm when he went into the Gulf of Mexico to weaken to a Category 2. He did a lot of damage bit but luckily it was not what it could have been. And following these storms is little sister Josephine. Yes 4 storms in 10 DAYS... Wanna play with something cool. On Local 6 they have a Hurricane Tracker. You can see the current tracks of present and past storms. It is fun to watch the little dots move across the map. Check out Hanna and see how confused she is. There are still homes throughout the central part of the state that are flooded from Tropical Storm Fay. Well I much must go to bed.

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