Monday, August 04, 2008

The longest survey..

1. How long has it been since you've ridden a schoolbus? 15 yrs
2. What do you think of frogs? Paper ones are fine.. Live ones Nope..
3. What's the worst Christmas present you've ever gotten? Some of the things my stepmother has sent me.
4. Suppose you *had* to get some sort of tattoo, right now. What would you get? Now that is a hard desision. I Want a scroll lock & key on my neck but I have other Ideas too..
5. Which would you rather die from, burning to death or "bird flu"? Burning to death.
6. If weed was legal, would you smoke it? Nope.
7. How about if heroin was legal? Nope
8. Do you use any kind of lip gloss/lip balm? Soft Lips & Carmex
9. Do you like pumpkin pie? Not really. But have to have it every once in a while.
10. Who do you want to be President (it doesn't have to be an actual candidate)? Elizabeth Doyle.
11. If you were alive in the 1960s, would you have been a hippie? Not sure
12. Do you like dinosaurs? Which is your favorite? Triceriotops.
13. What genre of music makes you want to shoot your ears off? I enjoy most music except when it has been played 500 times in a 12 hr period.
14: What was the last board game you played? Sorry
15. Would you let your grandma set you up on a blind date? Yeah to make her happy.
16. Speaking of which, ever been hit on by a much, much older person? yeah
17. You can't find the remote. Where is the first place you look? in the blankets
18. Where would you rather live, in a barn or in an inner-city church basement? Now that is hard. Probably the basement.
19. How do you feel about Hello Kitty? I liked her as a child but she is just OK now.
20. Paper or plastic? Recycle bags. Target has the coolest bags
21: Compost heaps: yes or no? yeah but I do not have one
22: What kind of socks are you wearing right now? None.. I am bare feet..
23. Are you part of a "subculture"? Aren't we all?
24. Do you type with all your fingers, or just 2? all
25. Do you believe in astrology? yes just like I believe in psychics and ghost.
26. Are you good at math? Pretty good.
27. Are you politically correct? nope.
28. Do you know what a semicolon is? Yep
29. Have you ever worn a Hawaiian shirt? No but my dog has.
30. Have you ever dated someone you didn't really like? Why? Yes Because I was young and stupid
31. Do you resent members of the opposite sex? no
32. Atlantic or Pacific? Atlantic
33. What animal do you most resemble? I am not sure.
34. How often do you eat macaroni and cheese? too often. I love it and it is a quick and cheap meal when eating on the run at work.
35. Are you into philosophy? If so, what are your philosophical influences? Nope
36. What was the best concert you've ever been to? Duran Duran. My senior year
37. If someone gave you $100,000 to shave your head, would you? Nope.
38. Have you ever met a hermaphrodite? Heaven knows. Probably.
38. Would you ever participate in anal sex? If so, would you give or receive? I must ask why are guys so facinated with this. I would have to be EXTREMELY trashed to do that.
39. Do you sweat a lot? a little too much.
40. What, if any, hair products do you use? The norm. Shampoo, Conditioner, Hairspary, Color 41. Do you enjoy thrill rides (roller coasters, etc.)? Oh yes. Coasters though cannot to the visual thrill rides
42. Have you ever seen a 3-D movie? Yep
43. What should someone do if they deliberately want to make a bad impression on you? Being arrogant
44. Have you ever drank a whole bottle of liquor by yourself? Nope
45. Does anyone know you're filling out this survey right now? Nope
46. Do you smoke cigarettes, and if so, what kind? Have but not often - Marboro light
47. What word processing program is on your computer? Microsoft Word
48. Have you ever read "The Odyssey"? What did you think of it? Nope
49. What's the worst insult anyone's ever given you? There are too many to list.
50. The best compliment? That I am very creative and that I should go to med school because I would make a great doctor, You will be a great mother.
51. Do you sleep with your door open or closed? Open
52. What is your favorite item from your favorite fast-food restaurant? McD's until they changed their fries
53. Do small children like you? Yes
54. Do animals like you? Yes.
55. Would you rather be too hot or too cold? Hot once again that is why I am a Florida Girl
56. What's your favorite beer? Smirnoff Ice.
57. Have you ever lived in a college dorm? If not, do you think you could handle it? I have not lived in one but I think I could if I had to.
58. Have you ever met a psychotic person (officially diagnosed)? Yep. I worked on a psych ward for 6 months and I was an EMT for 4 years - Meet a lot of them and dated a few too.
59. Which show sucks less: "The Hills" or "Wheel Of Fortune"? Wheel
60. Do you like spicy food? I like Hot fries but not much else
61. Do you read poetry? If so, who is your favorite poet? Not really
62. What else could you be doing, other than filling out this survey? Reading Fiery Cross
63. What is your earliest memory? Fishing with grandma & grandpa
64. What is something you consider "classy"? Stylish, well balanced
65. What video/computer games do you like? Luau bingo, monhong and puzzle games
66. Do you know your IQ, and if so, what is it? 124
67. Do you drink TAB? I have but not in a while.
68. Do you talk about your friends behind their backs? Sometimes
69. Do you use abbreviations such as LOL or OMG outside of IMs? Yes
70. What is your favorite vegetable? Cucumber
71. Sweet or sour? Sweet
72. What's the longest airplane ride you've ever been on? .Atlanta to London
73. Do you regularly take any medication? Yep - Cholesterol, Depresson and allery meds
74. What's the closest you've ever come to dying? I have multiple allergic reactions and almost stopped breathing after surgery once.
75. What are you really proud of that not many people know about? I am not sure. I have a really low self esteem
76. Are you really into high school or college sports? I like college & high school football
77. Do you regularly spend money on things you don't need? Yeah. I am a scrapbooker people don't think I need anything that I buy.
78. Have you ever practiced archery? No, That would be dangerous
79. Do you eat the cherry on top of your ice cream sundae? Sometimes but not often
80. What does the color yellow make you think of? Cheery
81. What is your local newspaper called? Florida Today
82. What city do you wish was your hometown? London
83. You've just farted loudly in public. What do you do? Blame someone else or feel mortified
84. Have you ever had a lucid dream? Yep
85. How about sleep paralysis? I am not sure
86. How often do you dream about zombies? Not all the time but sometimes
87. What kind of accent do you have (EVERYONE has one)? I am a Floridian so I am not sure, But I spend too much time with my family in North Carolina I get the southern draw.
88. Do you think mushrooms are cool-looking? They are cute
98. Are you dyslexic? Sometimes
90. Do you think it's interesting to study religions other than the one you practice? A lot of religions fascinate me
91. Have you ever felt an earthquake? No
92. Suppose you're the greatest painter who ever lived, but you can only paint one last picture before you die. What is your painting of? Not sure..
93. What is the sexiest color of finger/toenail polish? Dark Red
94. What is the worst job you could possibly imagine having? It depends on the day - A Proctologist
95. Do you think pigs are cute? Not really. They play in dirt
96. Do you pay your own bills? Yes
97. How many methods of contraception are you aware of? All of them from the pull and pray to the implanon. I work in a GYN's office.
98. Do you own ripped jeans that weren't ripped on purpose? Nope
99. Can you give a good back massage? Yeppers
100. What do you do before you go to sleep? Brush my teeth, kiss my pups goodnight and read a little

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