Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random thoughts..

You know there is only one thing worse then a mad wet Dalmatian.. Two mad wet dalmatians.
When dalmatians or any white does looks dirty they turn yellowish. Except Cody who truly enjoys playing in mud. My two were ready for a bath. They were beyond dirty. So round them up and lock ourselves into the bathroom. I.V. Grace is the first victim. Washed and toes cut. Cody meanwhile is hiding in the towel rack. Of course I can not reach my camera to take a picture. Cody is next to be a clean little man. He gets his bath. They get as dried as you can get them. Now they are running around the house like they have been given speed. I.V. Grace is bouncing off the furniture. But now they are so pretty and white agai.

2 Your thoughts and comments:

emily said...

giving a dog a bath. always an adventure! Can't imagine washing two!!

Lesa said...

WE just gave our dog a bath this went really smoothly for the first time ever. I can't imagine two!